Bank of America Joins Other “Bad” Banks To Screw Customers!

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Bank of America, CitiBank, Chase…all of them! Is it me or is every bank today intentionally throwing its customers to the wolves?

Do ALL Banks Suck?

Another credit card user called me for help the other day.

Another credit card user thinks big banks are trying to destroy her.

No question about it, banks today could give a damn about its customers.

However, the bigger question is, “Do you want to resolve a problem with a bank or do you want to complain?

Every day, credit card users email me, begging for help:

  1. Banks are jacking their interest rate from 7.95% to 33%
  2. Banks are slashing their credit limits!
  3. Banks are piling on fees, many hidden fees.

Yet, when I offer help, mostly people complain but do not take ACTION!

So I repeat: Do you want HELP or do you want to COMPLAIN?

What I’m about to say is not to offend you:

If you complain but don’t take action, you empower banks to hammer you with outrageous fees, slash your credit limit & jack up your interest rate.

YES, banks are throwing you, its customer, to the wolves! Your bank could care less about just how loyal of a customer you’ve been. It matter NOT what your bank SAYS to you; all that matters is what your bank is DOING to you.

A lady Joyce emailed me recently, upset about a bunch of banks putting the screws to her exactly as I’ve described.  I offered to help her.

Guess what?

Click Read More below now for actual emails back and forth with Joyce. What is she doing with my detailed recommendations? Well, take a look for yourself.


What you see below is a recent email exchange between me and Joyce, a lady who said she wanted help. More and more, you will see Joyce wants ME to fight her battles for her.

I’m sorry but I cannot fight your (or Joyce’s) battles. You must take ACTION!

Once you read this, scroll down to leave your comments. I want to hear what you think. What if I gave your these exact steps to take to resolve your problem with a bank? Would you take action? Tell me why some people do not take action.

Joyce Email #1:

Subject: Can You Help?

Hello Mike,

Please watch my 3 short Videos which explain my dilemma and let me know if you can help me. Please be aware in advance if it costs money to assist me I don’t have any.

The Credit Cards Companies are/have ALL defaulted my APRS to 29.9% and I am/have NOT been late on ANY of them. Please assist if possible.

Kind Regards,
P.S. Chase Charged Me Over $7 On Money I Did NOT Owe Them! Please watch the Video, you wont belive it, sounds unreal but true. What IF I had NOT opened this bill since I knew I had paid it off? Would they have charged me a $39 Late Fee? I’m afraid I am…

Mike Email #1

Re: Can You Help?
Hello, I watched the video you attached to your email. No where in your video did you say that you called Chase for resolution. Did you call & request “goodwill adjustment” of the finance charge?

Unless I’m mistaken, you paid a finance charge you didn’t need to pay. It appears (from the one video I saw) your issue easily can be resolved with one phone call to Customer “Service.” Rarely do I say CS can help, but it (appears) your issue is within the job description of the front-line CSR.

Do more details exist beyond video #1? If so, let me know. I try to offer as much pro bono help as possible.


Joyce Email #2

Re: Can You Help?

Hi Mike,

No I did not call CS because I have went through similar situations over the past three months with about EVERY CC I have.

I spent over 4 hours in over 8 phone calls to Shell AKA CIti Bank to no avail. I am near 60 years now and this is simply daunting so I simply paid Chase (emphasis added), just Friday actually.

You see it all just overwhelms me nearly to the point of suicidal tendencies. As with all the time (and health with the stress) the thought of simply calling Shell/Citi so many times it took a TOLL on me! So I just paid Chase the $9 and hope that gets shed of them.
(emphasis added)

Though I still owe Chase/BP almost $700 still (on a BP Account) the other was an actual CC, not a Gas Card.

You see I had $2,500 put away for years, it was for cremation of me or my partner, we have no Life Insurance. I took it and paid every lower amount due CC I had. So I paid off almost 5 of them, Chase being one of them and then the Chase/BP Bill I spoke of in the Video.

Still I am in CC Debt a about $13,000 this does NOT include my Home, or Car. I owe just under $14,000 on my home, it will be paid for in just over 4 years. My Car about 15 more payments of $158.

This is why I am so fearful.Other than my Car & Home they have all defaulted to the 29.9% and I did NOTHING to cause this and I am so fearful when ALL of the payments double in November it will be humanly impossible to pay the higher payments. I am simply lost.

In my past history I have had 3 Bankruptcy’s (emphasis added) one being a Chapter 13 and now at my age I so DO NOT want to file again, I want to keep my credit as good as possible and try to get them paid off and NEVER use them again, other than keep one or two for emergency situations (vehicle repair emergency etc) that may occur as I have NO savings.

This is where the big problem comes, I doubt this is possible to be able to pay them and my home also (will have to make a choice) because of the APRS they have all went to and no reason why.

Hoping you can see what/how/why I am feeling so lost in all of this! In my heart of hearts I am hoping you would be kind enough to help me pro bono as I have no other recourse unless someone helps me.

I don’t know/care if you are working for a Banker, that matters not to me though I doubt that you are as that sounds absurd and many people are ignorant!

What matters is that I am hoping you will help me with my situation and I say I have no money as I really do not. Not a pot to p*** in or a window to throw it out of. What I am seeking is help as I have stated from anyone willing to do so (hence my asking you) in any way possible.

I have a family member who works for a CC Company and they said to me months ago ALL will be defaulting to the MAX APR and they sure were right. I just need help/guidance/remedies to get out of this hole that is caving in on me and sucking the air/very life right out of me! (emphasis added)

Hoping that you will help me as I certainly am in desperate need, it will be a decision, pay the CC Debt or pay for my home. I think by all I explained above you will see my dilemma and help me pro bono.

Thanking you in advance for your time and response. I will be anxiously be awaiting to hear from you again.

Kindest Regards,

Mike Email #2

Re: Can You Help?

Joyce, you are the victim of what is called “universal default.”

List every card you have affected by universal default. Contact every card issuer (NOT customer service) and insist on help or ELSE. You do NOT want to default. You want to remain a customer. You need help to make your payments.

I’d have to go back through your messages. Was it the Chase card that invoked Universal Default?

Also, let the execs know you need any lates removed from your credit reports. You are trying hard to stay above water and a late will crush your efforts.


Mike Email #3


Re: Can You Help?

I’m sorry you’ve had such a difficult time, Joyce. If I were doing this for you, here’s where I’d start:

1. Call Michelle Crabtree with Chase at 713-262-3866. Please be brief, factual & (your normal) courteous. She has been great at resolving MUCH worse Chase card atrocities. I don’t abuse her contact info.

2. I don’t think you’ll need this step. However, EMAIL Gerald A. Smith CEO Credit Card Services-Chase
Phone: 302-282-3100
Fax: 302-282-3939
E-Mail Address:

3. Call the general Chase Bank executive customer service desk at 800-242-7399.

4. If necessary, call 888-622-7547 x 6833 Jessica or 888-622-7547 x 6164 Sharon or 888-622-7547 x 6838 Patrick

You see, Joyce, I am NOT a shill for any BUSINESS, large or small. I know how to get AROUND customer (dis)service without a YouTube rant. I don’t know if this lady Ann wanted attention and relief, because it would have been EASY to get her 12.99% back. I realize my voice of reason was drown out by the angry mob. I can understand the anger, but getting angry when trying to seek resolution will not guarantee favorable results.

Because I’ve dealt professionally and honorably with MANY big-name businesses, I have contacts inside many of them. I talk with my contacts often about these abusive practices stealing consumers’ money.

It’s pitiful it takes getting around customer (dis)service to get favorable results. The perception and the reality is that big banks are trapping, taking advantage of & putting the screws to consumers.

If anyone calling me a shill for big business would spend 10 seconds scanning my blog, he/she would see quickly I am a consumer advocate….

Normally, I get written authorization from the consumer to seek resolution. In this case, I’m helping YOU resolve this on your own. Notice you are NOT going through CS. You followed protocol by trying and you got the runaround (typical).

For every person  out there in trouble with a credit card who thinks defaulting is the answer, I can show you another person who is buying delinquent debt and suing for judgments and harassing the hell out of people for YEARS and years to come.

In fact, I received word the other day of a conference teaching “normal” people how to buy bad debt for pennies and how to pursue collections. Naturally, I’m following up on this exploding practice, as this will involve future customers coming to me for help. To what extent do you think these “investors” will understand FDCPA as they pursue collections.

Please answer the following questions:

1. What credit cards do you have?
2. How much do you owe on each?
3. What is the current rate on each?
4. To what rate is each card increasing?
5. What caused the rate increase? Were you late on one card, invoking Universal Default on each and every card you have?

How you approach these decision makers, Joyce, is even MORE important than how you got their contact info.

You want to avoid extraneous information. Stick to your request. Make it clear.

For instance, “I need your help LOWERING my interest rate that suddenly jumped from 12.99% to 29.%. I have tried getting help from customer service. They’ve not been able to help me. I cannot afford the new payment. I want to continue paying. I want good credit. Without your help, I cannot pay my debt.”

Joyce, the example is very clear why you are writing the decision maker; what you want from the decision maker; & what will happen if you don’t get help from the decision maker.

You are not whining, bitching or moaning about the hand you’ve been dealt. Your request is very clear. If you missed a payment or two, explain why with facts and that you have overcome what caused you to be late.

How does this sound? Is this doable?


Mike Email #4



Joyce, I am NOT an attorney and I never pretend to be. I asked a friend who is familiar with Kentucky homestead exemption law to do me a favor.

What she sent me will help you. Of course, you should verify all this with your own legal resources.

Unsecured (credit card debt for instance) vs Secured Debts (mortgage on your home for instance)

So… for example. If you owe $30,000 to credit card companies, that debt is “unsecured”. There is no collateral attached to it. No matter what they (creditors) threaten, the credit card company can’t take any of your exempt property. Likewise, most medical bills and lawsuit settlements are “unsecured” debts. If an unsecured creditor bothers to go to court get a judgment against you, they can get the court to attach a “judgment lien” to your property. But if the property is exempt, you typically can (and should) ask the bankruptcy court to remove that lien from your property (but you have to ask — its not automatic).

Here’s the link she referenced for further information:

Already, you are witnessing first-hand how I attack consumer issues:

1. I compile FACTS.
2. I remove ALL emotion.
3. I confirm what (you) consider satisfactory resolution.
3. I get to decision-makers who can RESOLVE issues to my customer’s satisfaction.
4. I provide resources for further research. You’ve heard the phrase, “Knowledge that is APPLIED is power.”

I not against scorched earth advocacy. If a business chooses not to work with me or a customer, the choice is to create as much NEGATIVE publicity for that company as possible. To date, I’ve only helped with that a couple times. I’ve not had to.

Let me know what you confirm,

Joyce Email #3

Hi Mike,

I have been 2 hours typing you an email. I decided to use my ISP WinMail as it will be easier all said and done. I trust you completely (meaning web anonymity) and I know you are trying only to do good and assist. I am so thankful!

I just sent you an email from my ISP as I do NOT care if you have my ‘real email’

Your ability to do these thing below are what ‘rattles my cage’ so to speak, they get me enraged, outraged, or overwhelmed emotionally no matter how hard I try NOT to let then do so!

If I were capable of this (even the assertive non-emotional) aspect I could do it BUT having said that I will do as you direct in the best manner I am able to do.

Meaning this…
1. I compile FACTS.
2. I remove ALL emotion.
3. I confirm what (you) consider satisfactory resolution.
3. I get to decision-makers who can RESOLVE issues to my customer’s satisfaction.
4. I provide resources for further research. You’ve heard the phrase, “Knowledge that is APPLIED is power.”

Your points though I will save and expound upon when I spread the word about what you can do and provide to people (as I promised)

I think by having back & forth-ed with me it is obvious I ramble. With NO shadows of doubt I KNOW you can help me get through this and please check your email and get back with me regarding what I shared with you in the email OK?

My fuse email is always open so if I am online, I will see any email RIGHT away.

Again I thank you and appreciate your help more than words can express!

Awaiting to hear from you at Fuse after you have read my email.


This is the last I heard of Joyce. I have no idea if she acted on the exact information I provided her.

Bank of America and ALL OTHER BANKS most definitely are out to get you and me! No doubt about it. You must stand up to these banking abuses. You simply cannot sit back, pay what they demand & fall on your sword for banks.  Go below now & tell me how a bank is out to get you.  Are you paying or fighting? How are you fighting? Actually, I’m looking in to a way to begin a petition to deliver to every bank. Right now, I’m exploring the best way to create this petition without you having to give your personal information. It might be a letter I create and everybody downloads, fills out and sends by mail on the same day as everyone else. And then everyone leaves a comment with last name & last 4 digits ONLY of account number with Bank. That way, I can deliver a huge list to each bank, showing we’re mad as hell and we are NOT going to take their crap any longer. Tell me what you think.

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  • Josephine Johnson September 13, 2011

    Of course, most people have similar problems but dividing them in 2 main categories it is not rational. You see a complainer wants to solve problem with less effort, a fighter crush everything ahead. I guess we need to find better option, as example to force banks to inform customers more about theirs credits.

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